Uplifting communities through technology-focused outreach

We are a passion-driven non-profit with numerous initiatives and a dedicated network of experts, volunteers, organizations, and communities. From funding research projects to running after-school computer labs to building online networks for healthcare providers, every project expresses our fundamental belief in access for all.

How it started

Our story

In 2001, Rajeev and Arpita R. Agarwal established the Kabeer Excellence Foundation in Mumbai.

Growing up in Shahjahanpur, UP, Rajeev Agarwal experienced limited education opportunities at Government Intermediate College. Despite limited support, he was able to join Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. After completing his degree from Kharagpur, he went for higher education to the USA.

We believe that technology can help improve human condition in low-income states like Uttar Pradesh. Our first goal was to improve education for underserved school children.

Our mission is to bring quality education, accessible healthcare, and safe environments to underserved communities in India.

Today, two trustees manage the Foundation:

  1. Shri Amrish J. Shah
  2. Shri Naveen K. Pallayil

“By identifying a specific need, we are able to focus our talents to act on purpose.”

Rajeev Agarwal